Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 11

Our class at the gate of Buckingham Palace. Once again on Wednesday we were off on an early bus to London. Rain on the way there concerned us, but the skies cleared just as we reached our stop at Victoria Station. We walked to Buckingham Palace for photo opportunities, and then proceeded across Green Park to Berkeley Square, where WPP is located. WPP, with 275 companies in its holdings, is a world leader in advertising and marketing services. About 50% of WPP's business is market research, while the rest is mainstream marketing and communication.

The Berger House on Berkeley Square, where WPP is located. At WPP, we spent a couple of hours with David Roth, CEO for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia of WWP's retail practice The Store. Mr. Roth's presentation focused on brands. We discussed what a brand is and looked at a model explaining brand loyalty, seeing how the model relates to the Top 100 and Top 10 brands. We touched on brand growth (value brands are growing, as are a number of brands from China) and looked at brand mapping. The students showed their creativity while participating in a couple of interactive exercises related to brand personality.

Mr. Roth discusses brands with the class.
Christina, Kristen, and Eric work on a brand 'obituary.' Following the WPP visit, we grabbed a quick lunch in Berkeley Square, thankful that the rain was still holding off. I was a little disappointed that very few of our students are familiar with the famous song which mentions Berkeley Square. Following lunch we walked through a busy retail district to the British Museum. There we saw the Rosetta Stone, and the students were free to explore on their own for the rest of the afternoon and evening. After spending some time in the museum, a number of students went shopping and had dinner before returning to Oxford relatively early.

Karen, Kristen, and Natalie check out the Rosetta Stone

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